Arion and The Dolphin

Cantata for children’s choir– upper voices,
2 treble soloists & piano
(c.17 mins)

This light-hearted piece tells the legendary story of Arion’s adventure with a dolphin. The music is in a tuneful, popular style.

‘This piece pressed all the right buttons – fun to sing, witty and a very good story. The choir’s performance was superb’ – Ronald Corp, Musical Director, New London Children’s Choir.

Sample score
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Watch the 2017 Hallé Children’s Choir performance of the legendary story of Arion’s adventure with a dolphin.
Music and lyrics by Philip Godfrey
Directed by Shirley Court
Choreographed by Wendy Cook
Performed live in The Bridgewater Hall on 26 March 2017.

Day By Day

(A prayer of St Richard of Chichester)
For upper voices (2 equal parts) & piano/organ (2 mins).
Published by Encore Publications

‘Day by Day’s simple beauty makes it one of the choir’s all time favourites’
Thanea Hodges, conductor, St Ives Girls’ Choir.

Listen to Day By Day

Father Hear The Prayer We Offer

For SA choir & piano (text by L.M.Willis) (2 mins).
Published by Encore Publications

Floradora Doe

A light-hearted setting of this humorous poem, for children’s choir (3 equal voices) and piano (3 mins).

The Four Seasons

Four tuneful songs for children’s choir (mainly unison, some divisi) & piano (c.2 mins each).

Look Well To This Day

For upper voice choir (2-part) and piano (2.5 mins)
An uplifting setting of an inspiring poem, translated from Ancient Sanskrit: ‘…today well-lived makes every yesterday a memory of happiness, and every tomorrow a vision of hope: look well, therefore, to this day’.

Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis (The Fortune Green Service)

A setting of the Evening Canticles. for upper voices and organ. Melodic and diatonic in style.
‘Tuneful, intuitive, fresh, imaginative, and very singable….a glorious setting’ (Sarah Macdonald, director, Ely Cathedral Girls’ Choir)

Morning Song

For 2-part upper voice choir & piano (2 mins).
Published by Oxford University Press (in Junior Voiceworks 2)
‘There is a certain purity about ‘Morning Song’, and a cheering optimism in the lyric message’ – Kevin Stannard, Junior Voiceworks editor.

Listen to Morning Song

Orpheus And His Music

Cantata for children’s choir – upper voices, treble soloists and piano (c.20 mins)

This melodic piece tells the famous legend of Orpheus in the underworld. By turns amusing and scary, it was first performed by the choir of Queen Margaret’s School, York in 1989.

Prayer For Peace

‘If there is to be peace in the world, there must be peace in the nations….’

A setting of this anonymous text, for two-part upper voice choir and piano (2.5 mins).

So Many Wonders

A song of thanksgiving for upper voices and piano (3 mins).

Unfinished Story

(Christmas carol) for SA choir & piano/organ (words by PG) (3 mins)
Published by The Royal School of Church Music
(in Voice for Life Songbook and Carols for Life)

‘The choir loves your ‘Unfinished Story’: it has become somewhat of a tradition!’
Alison Walker, Director, Queen Margaret’s School Choir.

Listen to Unfinished Story

The Wind & The Sun

Based on Aesop’s fable, for children’s choir (with divisi) & piano (7 mins)

‘A witty and striking setting of the fable, with a very moving ending’
Ronald Corp, Musical Director, New London Children’s Choir.