Labyrinth of Life

A full-length musical based on the Greek myth of Theseus & the minotaur.

Completed in 2021, featuring a large cast, plenty of catchy songs, chorus numbers and opportunities for dance, LABYRINTH OF LIFE tells this classic tale of adventure in an exciting and light-hearted way.

Themes: slavery, adventure, revenge, good/bad monarchs, the ancient world (Athens and Crete), parent/child relationships.

Cast of about 30 (flexible). Suitable for young performers/schools.

Length – 2 hours (with interval)

Script, score and demo songs available for hire or perusal


full-length musical (produced Greenwich Playhouse, 2008)
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‘Philip Godfrey’s irresistible new musical…sheer joie-de-vivre, toe-tapping melodies and cheeky lyrics’ (The Stage)

‘Casanova’s career is best regarded as a succession of vaudeville numbers’ – Clive James

Listen to songs from Casanova The Musical

Play On

full-length musical (produced Cambridge 1986, 1990; prizewinner, Vivian Ellis prize 1990)

‘Musically distinguished…an original, quasi-operatic musical, dealing expressionistically with musical education and the generation gap…reminiscent in the intelligence of its book and its tuneful complexity of scoring of Sondheim’ (The Guardian)

Hearts of Oak

30-minute mini-musical (National Youth Music Theatre, 1990)

‘The composer-librettist bringing the skills of the 11-13-year old performers into focus was the superbly capable Philip Godfrey…his tunes were nothing if not singable’ (The Independent).

The Stone Guest

One-act operetta, based on the ‘little tragedy’ by Pushkin; libretto by the composer.

Playable by a cast of 8 (sop, mezzo-sop, alto, tenor, 3 baritones, bass), plus piano (or chamber orchestra). Running time c.45 mins
Workshop performance, 2012

Twelfth Night

3 songs for any solo voice and piano: O Mistress Mine; Come Away, Come Away Death; When That I Was and a Little Tiny Boy (William Shakespeare)

Two Love Duets

For mezzo-soprano, baritone & piano/organ (c.3 mins each):

The Secret (poem by John Clare) and A Betrothal (poem by E.J.Scovell)

Two romantic duets, each composed for a wedding.